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     The tire shop was started by Russ Hoeffs (formally the manager of Roger's Tire) in 1972. It was located in the V-1 gas station at 1638 So.Hill St.diagonally across from where the shop is now. Russ called the shop Russ' tire shop, he ran it by him self and when he would get busy        he would call me in if I was free to work a few hours. There was great traffic flow from the gas station and the shop started out well. Business grew until Russ had obtained most of his old accounts that followed him from Roger's Tire and he hired two full time          employees while I went on and opened my antique shop. 

     Great traffic flow from the gas station helped the shop start out well.  Business grew until Russ had re-obtained most of his old accounts.  Many followed him from Roger's.  At that point he hired two full time employees and I went on to open an antique shop.   

     The owner of the gas station wanted to put video games in the garage area.  Russ moved his shop across the street into two bays of the Suzuki shop.  Gradually business dropped off and Russ eventually had one part time person working for him.   

     I closed my antique shop in 1975 and went to work for Russ as a full time manager.  We soon moved back across the street in the V-1 gas station.  I ran the shop for Russ until  a better job in construction opened.  In 1978 Russ sold the shop to Monty and Joe Crawford.  

      They renamed it Monty's Tire Shop.   

     When construction work slowed down.  I borrowed investment capital from my parents and bought Monty's Tire Shop.  Renamed it Richard's Tire Shop.  Working the shop by myself until success required that I hire employees.   

     In 1980 the V-1 gas station closed down and once again this business moved.  From  a modest 500 sq. ft. location to our present 2500 sq. ft. location diagonally across the street at 1707 So.Hill St. .  The business continued its steady growth. 

     In 1984 with the starting of big mass merchandisers I saw the need to find a niche.  I started our first road service truck.  This is now about 1/3 of our business.   

     In 1990 the a small auto repair business next door  moved out and I acquired the building and expanded into alignments and brakes. This has grown as well and represents another 1/3 of our business.  We've expanded to 8 employees and of course my sons help out working at the shop.   

     In 1995 the city of Oceanside and (with much controversy) changed the name of the street known as Hill St.  Our new address became 1707 So.Coast Hwy.  

     In April 2003, the tire shop portion of the business was sold to a larger tire wholesale corporation, and Richard maintained the road service portion under the name Richard's Mobile Tire Service. The old shop, now called "Coast Performance and Offroad" is located at the same old address of 1707             South.Coast Hwy. and the telephone number is (760) 433-5363.  (Feel free to stop by any time and check out their facility and just visit, or get a free cup of coffee and some free air.) That shop is now called VT Auto Repair and Performance.  


     Richard's Mobile Tire Service does mostly 24 Hour emergency tire repair and road service including tire replacement of commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles and industrial vehicles, but can    also do any size car, truck or tractors. (No two-wheeled vehicles.) So if you need roadside service call us.

      Our new business phone number is (760) 450-8473 (450-TIRE) and the same 800# 1-800-281-8473 (TIRE)

      We have built our strong reputation on giving our customers good, honest, reliable service and competitive prices------

    Richard's Mobile Tire Service has been sold to Carlos Tavarez and R.C. Mobile Truck Service . LLC. as of May 31, 2022

  Thank you for all your support over the past 42 years and please enjoy useing Carlos as your new Tire Service provider.








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